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Three things from which never to be moved: one's Oaths, one's Gods, and the Truth.
The three highest causes of the true human are: Truth, Honor, and Duty.
Three candles that illuminate every darkness: Truth, Nature, and Knowledge.

Traditional Celtic Triads

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IMBAS as an organization has been inactive for many years now. This site is an unofficial mirror created to assist in preserving the original IMBAS organization's articles as well as present them in a more modern web format. An archive of the original IMBAS website may be found at The Internet Archive.

Please visit for copyright details. This mirror site is maintained by Tegos Skrībbātous, which does not claim any copyright over IMBAS organization content.
Background image for this mirror site is derived from the Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under CC-BY-SA-2.0, a form of copyleft.