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The plethora of “Mercury” icons in ancient Gaul is well-known, due to Caesar’s commentary.1 None of the Gaulish idols he alluded to survived (perhaps having been crafted from perishable materials). But following Gaul’s absorption into the Roman Empire, the enthusiasm for depicting Mercury continue...

in bratu dīanmani̯e etic ceisiwre for bringing this topic and resources to my attention.

While most scholarship of the God Cernunnos revolves around His attestation from the pilier des nautes, and His distinctive iconography, there are some lesser-known leads that are typically left out of discu...


  • Belatucadrus’ name has long been interpreted as dubious variations of “Shining,” and “Handsome,” or “Strong.”
  • More recent attempts by linguists to revisit this name have been fruitless.
  • A strong argument can be made to link the 1st component to “fragrant,...