Tegos Skrībbātous’ “Grand Reopening”

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It’s hard to believe this website has been up for nearly four years now, but here we are in 2023 already.

I am calling this a “Grand Reopening,” because, while you should find basically all the same content as before, I have actually migrated to a whole new site with a completely different backend (if you’re a long-time user, you may notice the different layout, although the style is similar.)

It took me many hours of toiling in sporadic bursts (as time permitted), but it's finally complete, and now I hope I can maintain the site closer to how I envisioned from the start.

Unfortunately, I feel like the site was neglected for most of its life. I simply ran into too many headaches trying to maintain it, and my personal life demanded too much attention for me to sit down and sort them out. I know there was a long-standing certificate issue, for instance.

But those technical issues should be behind me now. And while I do not promise a rapid pace of publishing articles, at least my aforementioned “sporadic bursts” of work can be poured into doing that instead of technical administration.

Someone recently pointed out to me that people had been sharing and using this site as a reference all this time. I regret if it wasn't properly maintained while you were trying to use it.

If you have any issues or feedback about the site, feel free to contact me at the social media links on the homepage.

Going forward, it should run more smoothly (so I hope), and I hope this new version will better serve you than the old one ever did.

— Donnodubus

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